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Saturday, 16 May 2015 08:51


Uses of English and the Intensity of Communication in This Language

Uses of language will be discussed here to provide a functional view of English and to retain it in the analysis of representative texts with the aim to bring out their typical verbal features, communicative effect and the influence of respective speech on the psychology and mind of the speaker. Uses of language can also give an idea of the development of the idiom of language, the character of communication in it and ...

Friday, 13 March 2015 16:43


An OLD RULE APPLIED ANEW  Poster presentation at the IATEFL 48th Annual International Conference,

Harrogate, UK, 2-5 April 2014

A research grammar involves a teacher in an exploration of a cosmos of language matter, which tests the person's theoretical knowledge and practical skills in English. Even when the difficulties are overcome and a course of lectures is worked out, there remains a challenge to present the content in an accessible and useful way. So the teacher is obliged to apply certain rules to his own presentations in the classroom. This paper informs of the background knowledge and process in the development of a course of English grammar for BA undergraduates. The rule on which the title focuses is a methodological way in the presentation of the material...


Friday, 05 September 2014 12:53


Intercultural Communication as a Field of Study and Learning

The complexity and intricacy of intercultural communication opens the questikon of how this field can be studied and taught. A man of culture, education and experience is likely to enter into communication with representatives of a new culture drawing on his knowledge of language, his general knowledge of cultural differences, history and politeness. This knowledge is the result of upbringing, education, broad general and language knowledge, and expertise in socialisation. Young people are not so well equipped with cultural and social knwowledge and their lanugae may be imperfect. Hence is the necessity of course in intercultural communication. A summary of Edward T. Hall's paradigm for intercultural communication highlights the strong and weak points in education in the field, ...

Saturday, 02 March 2013 17:26


Kodėl menas yra toks koks yra

Nebūtina leistis į sofistinius išvedžiojimus arba į išpuolį prieš materialistinę filosofiją, kad pripažintum arba bent toleruotum sampratą, jog mene visais laikais buvo mimezio arba aplinkos sekimo, atlikėjo vaizduotės ir sampratų atspindžio, o ir žmogaus intelekto antspaudo net autentiškame pirmapradžiame primityvizme. Menas sekė aplinką ir šiek tiek pranoko ją vis tobulėdamas. Taip buvo...

Saturday, 02 March 2013 17:19


Ar vertas šūvis arba jeigu pastangos atsiperka

Stiprus ir nenykstantis įspūdis perskaičius straipsnelį "Gražios kalbos kaina versle" (Lietuvos žinios, Nr. 5, 2013.01.08, p.9) yra nusivylimas dėl prarastos kultūros ir dėl nekvalifikuoto kalbos situacijos interpretavimo. Žmonės, kurie į kalbą žiūri tik kaip į komercinio produkto dalį ...


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